Sdlg 33-11 (sdlg x sdlg) 24″  E. to M.  Dor.  Re.  6.5″.  Blooms are carried just above medium green foliage, with two laterals and a terminal branch with 12 buds.

This plant has smaller stature than most of my seedlings, yet the blooms are quite large and striking. The flower has excellent sun resistance for a bloom of this deep and saturated color. The white net-like pattern is quite striking against the deep base color. The bloom maintains the intricate net pattern in some degree throughout the bloom season, but it is stronger in cooler temperatures. Another change with temperature relates to color, as it shows a vibrant red-purple hue in cool temperatures, which gives way to deep purple as the temperature rises. It is an EMO but the bloom is slightly challiced, not as flat as most of my selections.

The foliage remains attractive and rust free (RR rating) in this garden throughout the bloom season. Not even one rust pustule has ever appeared on this plant, even in rust-infested garden conditions. Pod and pollen fertile, pod difficult. ($75.00 d.f.)



Sdlg 42-11 (Sdlg x Sdlg) 28″  E.  Re.  Dor.  6″. Blooms are carried well above the foliage on sturdy scapes, 2 laterals plus terminals, and 12 buds.

Upon seeing this plant’s first bloom, I experienced “shock and awe.” Up until this point in my line breeding I had not seen any flower with this degree of patterning. The colors of dusty pink base and multiple jagged eye rings of white and dark maroon do not change with the temperature. The intricacy of the eye pattern decreases in temperatures above 95°F, but some eye pattern does remain; more pattern remains in shade locations than in full sun locations. It appears that this plant is a good parent for producing patterned offspring.  Pollen fertile only.

With this plant’s features of an exceptional pattern, EMO, dark green and highly rust resistant (HR) foliage, and instant rebloom most years, it is a vigorous garden centerpiece for any collector or gardener. ($125.00 d.f.)


Energy Ribbon Sdlg 55-11 (Sdlg x Sdlg) 6 in, 34 in tall, E., Dor, 4 way branching with 16 buds. EMO, fertile both ways ,RR, excellent sun resistance, instant rebloom, moderate substance. - Copy


Sdlg 55-11 (Sdlg x Sdlg) 34″  E.  Dor.  6 – 6.5″.  Blooms are carried well above the foliage with three laterals plus a terminal branch with 16 buds.  Most years there is instant rebloom.

This wonderful early season plant always greets you with a fully opened flower early every morning.  In cool weather it exhibits a broad blue-lavender band with intricate patterns on a soft delicate pink base color.  As the temperature rises, most of the intricate pattern disappears, leaving the bold lavender band intact with a lesser pattern.  The sepals show a true blue shade in a halo most of the time.  This flower has excellent sun resistance and is easy pod and pollen fertile.

This plant has dark green healthy foliage and I have given it a rust-resistant (RR) rating as the foliage has never had even one rust pustule, even under heavy rust-infested garden conditions here.  With stocky scapes and huge seed pods (and seed as big as Tet seeds) this definitely is an outstanding plant for the hybridizer and is one of my favorites.  ($125.00 d.f.)


Patterned Opal Sdlg 269-12 (Sdlg x Sdlg) 5 -6 in, 36 in tall, M., Dor, 5 way branching with 32 buds. Fertile both ways, RR, excellent sun resistance.


Sdlg 269-12 (Sdlg x Sdlg) 36″  M.  Dor.  5-6″.  Blooms are held well above foliage on sturdy scapes.  Four well-spaced lateral branches plus terminal with 32 buds.

This beautiful heat-loving flower shows a changing appearance over the bloom season.  Both the bands in the eye pattern and the metallic silvery halo on the sepals last through most of the season, but in very hot weather the eye pattern does become less intricate.  In such hot weather, the eyezone changes to mottled lavender with maroon edging; the flower size also increases to 6 ” across later in the season.

The bloom is sun resistant, retaining form and color from morning through the evening hours.  I have given the foliage a rust-resistant (RR) rating, as no pustules have appeared on the foliage even under heavy rust infestation garden conditions here.  Pod and pollen fertile.  ($65.00 d.f.)


Malibu Sunset Sdlg 147-12 (Sdlg x Sdlg) 8 in, 35 in tall, M., Dor, 3 way branching with 15 buds. EMO, RR, moderately heavy substance, fertile both ways, excellent sun resistance. - Copy


Sdlg 147-12 (Sdlg x Sdlg) 35″  M.  Re.  Dor.  8″.  Blooms are carried well above the foliage on stocky scapes.  Two lateral branches plus terminal with 15 buds.

This personal favorite, an EMO, shouts to me from across the garden early each morning.  Its massive flowers, frequently up to 9″ across, have outstanding sun resistance, holding well into the evening.  This huge orange flower, which has deeper color in high temperatures, is truly a showstopper.

This cultivar has rust-resistant (RR) foliage, never displays even one rust pustule even in rust infestation conditions.  The plant has an overall robust appearance, but is a relatively slow increaser.  Pod and pollen fertile.  ($100.00 d.f. Limited availability.)



Shaggy Pumpkin (cool) Sdlg 24-09 (Sdlg x Sdlg) 7.5 in, 28 in tall, M. - L., Dor, 3 way branching with 20 buds. Fertile both ways, HR, excellent sun resistance. This is cool weather ap - Copy



Sdlg 24-09 (Sdlg x Sdlg) 28″  M.  SEv. – Dor.  Re.  7.5″.  Blooms are carried just above foliage creating a nosegay when in full bloom.  Two laterals plus terminal with 20 buds.

This “heat seeking missile” of a flower is a garden chameleon.  A delicate peach bloom with a bright rose eye during cool weather morphs into a bold colored sculptured beauty when the weather turns hot.  This plant not only thrives in 100°F temperatures, it seems to prefer such conditions.  It has been one of our long-time favorites, with the large flowers showing delicate colors at the beginning of bloom season and bold ones in the hottest summer sun.  An additional photo has been included to show the unexpected hot weather transformation.

The plant has good foliage and a high rust resistance (HR) rating.  Pod and pollen fertile.  ($75.00  d.f. Limited availability.)



This photo has been included to show the deepening of the colors and the presence of raised pleated sculpturing in the eyezone area. This occurs every summer in this southern climate, as we nearly always exceed 95°F – 100°F, which seems to trigger this change.  When the temperatures decreases, the flower reverts to its pastel incarnation.  Either version of this bloom has excellent sun resistance, maintaining color and form into the evening hours.

We do not hybridize with sculptured cultivars and do not know the origin of this surprising trait.  Particulars of this cultivar are located on the (Cool Weather) listing for SHAGGY PUMPKIN.


Ethereal Lavender Sdlg 20-NK (Sdlg x Sdlg) 6 in, 32 in tall, 5 way branching, 30 buds,, M. Dor, RR, sun resistant, fertile both ways, some instant rebloom, heavy substance. - Copy

ETHEREAL LAVENDER  (not available in 2018, held for increase)

Sdlg 20-NK (Sdlg x Sdlg) 32″  M.  Dor. 6″.  Blooms are carried well above the foliage on stocky scapes of four laterals and a terminal branch with 30 buds.

This clear and delicately colored self, with beautifully balanced and reliable form, is always a joy to see.  It thrives in hot weather, changing only from a light color to a very pale color.  The darker wire edge on the petals is retained as is the stiff heavy substance of this bloom.  It is an EMO and is lovely from early morning throughout the sun and heat of summer days into the early evening hours.  It has some instant rebloom.

The plant has good dark green foliage throughout the summer and has remained completely resistant to rust (RR rating); not one rust pustule has ever appeared on the foliage, even in rust-infested garden conditions here since 2008.  Slow to increase.  Very fertile both ways, easy to use.



Sdlg 164-12 (Sdlg x Sdlg) 34″  L.  Dor.  6″ – 7″.  The blooms are carried on sturdy scapes with two lateral and one terminal branch.  There are 16-18 buds.

This is definitely one of our favorite flowers in the garden.  An EMO, it greets you by facing directly at you as you enter the garden in the early morning.  It is exceptionally sun resistant and maintains its color, form, and pattern into the evening hours.  The early blooms have a red cast to the purple, which changes to a true purple as the temperature rises.  As the bloom season progresses, the pattern becomes more intricate, adding dots to the striped narrow band which circles the eyezone.  The flower maintains a stable pattern of some sort throughout the blooming season, and is always a joy to see.  It is pod and pollen fertile.

This plant has dark green foliage which has been marred by only one rust pustule since we selected it in 2012, in spite of high rust-infestation garden conditions.  I give it a high rust-resistant (HR) rating in my garden. ($75.00 d.f.)



Sdlg 127-12 (Sdlg x Sdlg)  34″  M.  Re.  SEv.  5″.  Blooms are carried on three wide-angle lateral branches plus terminal, with 20 buds. Scapes are tall and sturdy.

This is a wonderful garden flower.  It is an EMO and has a long bloom season with frequent rebloom.  It has outstanding sun resistance and retains its delicate color in full sun conditions.  The colors in the first blooms have a rosy cast in the large eye, but as the temperature rises the eye color becomes closer to blue.  The temperature increase also causes more rollback, so that the mauve-colored base color is hidden behind the very large near-blue tinted eye.

This flower retains its color and form well into the evening.  It has excellent summer foliage; I have given it a high rust-resistance (HR) rating, as it resists signs of rust even in rust-infested gardens here.  Easy pod and pollen fertile.  ($65.00 d.f.)



Sdlg 25-12 (Sdlg x Sdlg)  34″  E.  Dor.  Re.  5″.  Blooms are carried on stocky scapes well above the foliage.  Four well-spaced lateral branches plus terminal with 18 – 22 buds.

This is a charming little flower with its silvery-light pattern.  The flower has excellent sun resistance and holds well into the early evening hours.  The subtle pattern fades when temperatures are high, but then the colors deepen and the eyezone takes on bold bands of several shades of lavender blue.  The flower remains attractive throughout the bloom season; you just get two looks for the price of one with this plant.  I have given this plant a rating of high resistance to rust (HR rating).  The foliage remains attractive throughout the summer.  This robust and rapidly increasing plant quickly forms a large clump and puts on a great show.  Pod and pollen fertile.  ($45.00 d.f.)



BLUE BANDIT  (not available for 2018, held for increase)

Sdlg 15-09 (Sdlg x Sdlg) 28″  EM.  Re. Dor.  5″.  The blooms are carried above the foliage on two lateral branches plus a terminal, with 18 buds.

This has certainly been one of the most important parents in my breeding program for blue eyezones.  This EMO smooth red purple blooms has heavy substance and outstanding sun resistance.  These features, combined with intermittent rebloom, make this one a wonderful garden flower.  This flower’s appearance is seldom altered regardless of changes in the weather – the form and color of the flower and eyezone remain stable.  The flower maintains its beauty into the evening.

Easy pod and pollen fertile.  Has excellent dark green summer foliage.  I have given this plant a high rust resistance (HR) rating; very few rust pustules are seen on its foliage even in high rust infestation conditions in my garden.



Sdlg 12-08 (Sdlg x Sdlg) 34″  M.  Re.  Dor.  6 – 7″.  Blooms are carried well above the foliage with one lateral branch and a terminal with 1 – 15 buds.  It frequently has instant rebloom.

This has been a great performing daylily in our garden.  The deep rose color changes to a medium rose shade as the temperatures rise from early to late bloom season.  Also, the flower form is flat in cooler temperatures and rolls back in hotter conditions.  The large rose-colored bloom has a very smooth finish and retains its beauty into the late afternoon.

The combination of excellent sun resistance and high rust-resistance (my HR rating) makes this a great garden flower.  It is pod and pollen fertile.  ($45.00 d.f.)




Sdlg 14-NK (Sdlg x Sdlg)  32″  M.  Dor.  6 -7″.  Blooms are carried well above the foliage on very heavy scapes.  Four branches plus terminal, 30 buds.

These large seductive EMO flowers position themselves to face out at your and greet you at 6:30 a.m.  With excellent sun resistance, they are still beautiful into the evening hours.  This plant thrives in hot weather, with attractive blooms that last while lesser blooms fade and melt.

Generally good summer foliage is combined with a high rust resistance (HR) rating.  In over five years in our garden, very few rust pustules have been seen on this plant even in  rust infestation garden conditions.  This robust and healthy plant is both pod and pollen fertile.  ($85.00  d.f.)



Sdlg 108-12 (Sdlg x Sdlg)  24″   E. to M.  SEv – Ev.  6.5″.  The blooms are carried well above the foliage with lateral and terminal branches with 12 – 15 buds.

This EMO bloom is an absolutely wonderful garden flower.  It has a delicate and ethereal look to it, with is soft yellow base above a slightly patterned lavender eyezone.  The eyezone is outlined in high-contrast deep maroon.  The bloom faces almost straight out or slightly upward.  It has excellent sun resistance, holding its beauty into the early evening hours.

Pollen sterile, pod fertile (but difficult).  This plant has good clean summer foliage and high rust-resistance (HR), with few rust pustules even in heavily rust infested conditions.  ($45.00 d.f.)