100-15f 2016 bloom cool weather pattern - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy


Sdlg 100-15 (sdlg x sdlg)  34″  M. – L. Dor. 6″.  3 br 25 buds

This is a wonderfully stellar performer in our garden.  The garden photo on the 5 Seedlings Page shows it in the center left foreground;  that photo (click to enlarge) shows it in the selection bed six months after it was dug out of the seedling bed.  It is already a large clump, larger than many plants three or four years older than it is.  This shows tremendous vigor and rapid increase.   This brightly colored patterned flower has excellent sun resistance and holds its pattern well even in hot weather.  In very hot weather, the pattern is not as intricate and gets more blocky.  Intricate patterns return with cooler temperatures.  It is an early morning opener but is not as flat as most of my cultivars.  The flower substance is moderately heavy.

This plant has a long bloom season, covering mid-season into late season.  It has very high rust resistance.  The strong scapes hold flowers well above the foliage, which is medium green and remains healthy throughout the season.  Pod and pollen fertile, sinfully pod fertile, with clusters of pods on the scapes at the end of the season.  ($150  d.f. limited supply.)



Sdlg 42-13 (sdlg x sdlg) 33″E. Dor -SEv. 6″. 4 br 20 buds

This interesting bold-patterned daylily blooms at the same as SPECKLED BAND, but is an early morning opener.  This early blooming vigorous cultivar performs very well under occasional spring cool morning conditions.  It opens fairly flat, even in cool weather, and quickly forms a large clump, which puts on a lovely show.  This flower is pattern chameleon, changing nearly every day into different variations of relatively bold patterns.  Here are three variations of the patterns produced by Storm Trooper..

It has good foliage that has good sun resistance and moderate to high rust resistance.  Strong scapes hold the flowers well above the foliage.  The foliage is more likely than not to go dormant during cold weather.  Pod and pollen fertile.  ($125  s.f.)



Sdlg 14-14 (sdlg x sdlg) E. Re.  SEv. 6″. 3 br 17 buds                           This robust-growing cultivar is a very showy specimen when the plant is in full bloom.  The bloom has moderate substance and the flowers are held well above the foliage on strong scapes.  It is one of the few flowers in my garden which is not an early morning opener, but it does open in mid-morning to show beautiful lacy patterns. Being a very early blooming cultivar, the growing conditions for it are reasonably cool, and the color and pattern hold up well in the early season spring sun.  As the temperatures heat up, the pattern changes from day to day but the flower always shows some pattern.  Here are three photos of pattern variation from Speckled Band:

The plant has good all-season foliage with rapid increase.   The bloom season is early, but instant rebloom extends the season.  This plant has never shown any sign of rust in my garden in heavy rust infestation conditions since it was selected in 2014.  Pod and pollen fertile.  ($125  d.f.)



SDLG 126-14 (sdlg x sdlg) 32″ M. Dor. 7″. 3 br 20 buds

When I began hybridizing daylilies, my key goal was brilliant color and great performance.  This one meets those criteria.  This large bright coral rose stands out like a beacon in the garden. (Note the garden photo on the 5 Seedling Galleries web page which shows ISLAND SUNRISE in the center of the photo; it glows like it is lit from within).  This is an early morning opener and notable for its large size and medium heavy substance.

Strong stocky scapes support the blooms well above the vigorous  dark blue-green foliage.  This plant has very high rust resistance, outstanding sun resistance and is a moderate increaser.   Combining bloom quality with strong plant performance, this is truly a garden winner.  Pollen fertile and sinfully pod fertile. ($150  s.f.  very limited supply).


Sdlg 14-10 (sdlg x sdlg) 28″ M. Dor. 8″. 2 br 15 buds

This huge and voluptuous purple was my first major breakthrough with flat sunfast purple daylilies.  It is still one of the flattest and fullest purples in the garden.  It has medium substance and is an early morning opener.  In moderate weather, the color holds well in the full sun, neither browning or melting.  When the temperatures are in the 90’s with high humidity, full sun exposure can occasionally cause it to slick to some degree.  With afternoon shade, the bloom can retain its beauty despite brutal summer heat and humidity.  Strong scapes hold the flowers well above the foliage, and in a mature clump, these large, deeply colored flowers present quite an impressive sight.

This plant has vigorous foliage with moderate rust resistance.  Pod and pollen fertile, but pods will set only in afternoon shade conditions.  ($75.00  d.f.)

17-07 6.5 inch peach 2008 selection RR Dor heavy substance EMO excellent sun resistance - CopyPEACH PRESERVES

Sdlg 17-07 (sdlg x sdlg) 34″ M. Dor. 6″. 4 br 20 buds

This cultivar has been in my garden for a number of years, since 2007, and I decided to introduce it because it is, without a doubt, close to perfection.  It has no major faults.  This plant is strong-growing, with rapid increase, and has strong well-branched scapes which carry the blooms well above the foliage at an angle ideal for viewing.  The flowers are very flat, very sun resistant, and have a smooth-finished substance.  The heavy-substanced blooms have very consistent good quality.   It does have rebloom some years.  It is an early morning opener.

It has very high rust resistance; I have only seen one or two rust pustules on it in all the years it has been in my garden.  It is easy pod and pollen fertile.  In a large clump it makes a gorgeous nosegay presentation with many blooms open at once.  ($60.00  d.f.)

185-14g 2016 bloom - CopyCOSMIC FIRESTORM

Sdlg 185-14 (sdlg x sdlg) 32″ L. Re. Dor. 7″. 3 br 24 buds

This free-flowering late cultivar always blooms during some of the hottest weather of the season.  It shows off with a blaze of glorious color with outstanding sun resistance.  Both the lively color and the flower form suggest flames to me.  The color is a blend of orange-red and yellow, and is resistant to fading and browning.  The substance is moderately heavy, and these flowers are early morning openers; they still look brilliant well into the evening hours.  A bud-builder with rebloom, it has a long bloom season, and is generally one of the last flowers of the season to produce a big show.

Strong scapes with vigorous foliage and high rust resistance makes this a wonderful garden flower.  It is a moderately fast increaser.  It is pod and pollen fertile, but the pod fertility is only assured in the later cooler temperatures of the season.  ($125  s.f.)

108-13 LOLLIPOP MAN 7.5 inch mauve 2013 selection RR Dor medium substance EMO good sun resistanceLOLLIPOP MAN

Sdlg 108-13 (sdlg x sdlg) 40″ M. Dor. 7.5″. 3 br 16 buds

(This flower truly is a “big sucker!”)  It was named after the crosswalk guards of my youth that carried large stop signs on full length poles.  This is a very tall daylily with a very large bloom; often there are three blooms open at once and it has a big impact in the garden.  The flowers are flat, have outstanding sun resistance and good substance.  The scapes are strong enough to support a wad of these large blooms, although after a rain, the sheer weight of the wet flowers may cause a little leaning.  It is an early morning opener.

This plant has clean shiny foliage and has remained completely rust-free in my garden since 2013 when it was selected.  It is vigorous, a moderate to fast increaser.  It has good pollen fertility and good pod fertility once the plant has matured to clump size.

($150 s.f.  very limited supply.)


241-12 MADERA GOLD 7 inch peachy gold 2012 selection HR Dor medium heavy substance EMO fair sun resistanceMADERA GOLD

Sdlg 241-12 (sdlg x sdlg) 36″ M. Re.  Dor. 6.5″. 3 br 20 buds

This tall stately flower demands attention in our garden.  Its lovely flat form and reliable pattern are truly winners.  It has moderately good sun resistance; it may fade slightly in very hot weather, but retains its appealing form and substance well into the evening.  Its scapes are well-branched and the branches are widely spaced.  The frequent rebloom makes this plant especially appealing, and it has very high rust resistance, with only a rare pustule to be seen even under heavy rust infestation conditions.  It is pod and pollen fertile.  This is a 2012 selection that is a slow increaser.  We have watched this plant for years, and never tired of its beautiful presentation.  We finally have enough to stock to introduce it as of 2017.  ($135.00 s.f.)