I spent a number of years doing line-breeding only with my daylilies. Until 2015, I did not introduce or sell any, and I developed descriptions of plant performance for my own use. I was aiming for large flat full-formed flowers and I have not deviated from that style in my hybridizing. However, no matter how much I like the bloom, the plants have had to tolerate rust exposure and intense sun exposure and still perform well in order to avoid being culled. From 2000 on, rust resistance became an important part of my hybridizing, and the increasingly hot summers have required attention to sun resistance also. I developed codes for descriptions of plant performance that I still use on the plant tags and captions, and I am showing the terms that I use on these two pages which address Rust Resistance and Sun Resistance.

Those two pages are shown on the drop-down menu under the Plant Performance heading at the top of each page.